Rosalyn McClore Bio 

Born in Memphis, Tenn, Rosalyn McClore is one of the most talented jazz pianists and singers on the east coast.  Inspired by Nina Simone, Nancy Wilson, Ella Fitzgerald, and Nat King Cole, Rosalyn studied with the worlds leading jazz pianists.  With tutors like the late Phineas Newborne Jr.,  she absorbed with acute attention to detail the styling’s of jazz piano and vocal interpretation while refining her own vision and conceptual vocabulary for the music.  She emerged, through careful study and focus, her own unique style and presentation of the music of jazz. 

Rosalyn McClore studied at Memphis State University where she was a jazz piano major.  After completing studies at the University, she continued private study with Phineas Newborne Jr., Mulgrew Miller, the late James Williams and Donald Brown-Director of Jazz studies at University of Knoxville.  She can be seen at jazz festivals and local venues on the east coast and around the world.  
Rosalyn is now recording an album in tribute to Nina Simone and has an off Broadway show in development on the life and music of Nina Simone.   This year she began talks with the Jersey City Chamber of Commerce to develop the Jersey City Blues society. 

Rosalyn has been described as “an unfound treasure” when it comes to live performance.  She brings a level of entertainment rare in musical settings and makes her live performances a “must see” event.  Future projects include development of younger musicians and jazz artists in order to keep music of jazz, blues, and jazz studies alive and well around the world.

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